5m bell tents for hire

New for 2015: we have had more 5m bell tents arrive at the unit today,  ready to go into the hire fleet.  All of our bell tents have zipped in ground sheets and are made using top quality materials.

These 5m bell tents will sleep up to 6 people comfortably, have mesh doors to prevent mosquito’s from getting in and benefit from zipped in ground sheets.

More about the zipped in ground sheets

Bell tents come with one of three options

  1. no ground sheet
  2. sewn in ground sheet
  3. zipped in ground sheet

option 1 is self explanatory, option 2 means the ground sheet will always be present and because it’s sewn in at the bottom of the walls, the walls can therefore never be rolled up.  Another downside to option 2 is cleaning, making it harder to sweep out and clean, getting dirt over the lip.  Option 3 is the best of both worlds, providing a water tight seal from the elements but being able to unzip the groundsheet and roll up the sides creating a wonderful experience of having the outside, in.  This is the reason we only stock bell tents with option 3.


You can hire a bell tent for an array of events, including corporate, weddings, private parties and local campsites.


Contact us today to arrange your booking. 01929 439177




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